As every one is well aware of by now… Clint and I have decided to trade in our beloved first home together, for a budget one-way ticket with a global destination. Life on the road has been calling us!! And finally the time has come to set aside all the comforts and securities of house life living, for dodgey hostels, cruddy dorm rooms and the regular 14 hour bus rides shared with locals and the odd chicken… all of which are soon to become the normal characteristics of day to day living.

Through pursuing this nomadic life to be lived, all possessions have been sold or donated, and remaining belongings have been packed away into boxes. It’s all been traded in for a single plan – departing little ol’ Adelaide on our no frills one-way ticket, landing us smack in the backpacking hub of South East Asia, Bangkok… Additionally, this first leg of the trip will set out with Zoe on board. The three of us will be tackling the first stint in Asia, before Zoe takes off solo to pursue her work in Tanzania, Africa. From here, Clint and I have more than enough ideas to keep ourselves amused. The winning contender at this stage, seems to simply be heading west around the globe. Though we won’t really make concrete decisions until the moment presents itself. So stay tuned – we’ll be back on to keep you all updated with where this adventure takes us!!

Clint and I relaxing at our local York Peninsula, South Australia

How about yourself? Have you taken off on a way one way ticket before? Or are you thinking this could be something in your future? Maybe you’ve taken the plunge to explore a particular region of this beautiful globe?…