Uganda was a hidden gem for us. I admit, we were a little weary after our first impressions. You would be too if you walked into the border town’s solo restaurant for a quick meal. As you would find yourself being served by a lovely young Ugandan woman who speaks fairly good English and makes great first impressions. Only to glance around her decorated restaurant to finally lock eyes on her feature wall posters. Praising the three photographed men; Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi… Ahhh WTF?

Fortunately, this was not a common theme throughout the country. So with that lunatic aside, we continued through to our destination lake side town. However, we departed from Lake Kivu earlier that morning, so our hopes were not very high as this area was a little dismal. But wow, what a stunning slice of Africa we arrived at.

Lake Bunyonyi is located in South West Uganda, just a 7km bumpy dirt road drive from Kabale Town. It is a beautiful place to kick back for a few days. There are plenty of small islands to explore, kayaking, hiking, lookout points and recliner chairs for lazy days by the water. It is also claimed to be safe for swimming and free of bilharzia (not sure how you much you would want to trust ‘rumours’ though?).

Bilharzia is the reason you need to stay well clear from Africa’s water systems. But if you do risk swimming in contaminate waters, then it is possible that the parasitic larvae will enter your body through your skin, and mature within your organs over the following three months. Only after this three month incubation period are you then able to treat the matured parasite with a round of antibiotics. Pretty gross huh!

As for our experiences, there were parasite fee. Clint insisted on a big splurge for my birthday, so we got to explore the region in style. We had a long boat take us to Bushara Island where we spent two nights in our private cottage overlooking the lake. It was the perfect place to relax! We were also so stoked to be surrounded by the introduced eucalyptus bush lands, as we hadn’t seen a hint of Australia since leaving eight months earlier. After this we wanted to get a bit more active, so we headed back to the mainland and stayed in large tents permanently setup with connecting balconies over the waterfront. It was a nice contrast to mix up our stay in this absolutely stunning location.

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