We had stumbled across intriguing  footage uploaded to Google Plus of the Meaklong Markets, located approximately 4 hours West of Bangkok, Thailand. These markets are quite unique, as they accommodate for the train which roars through the centre of them seven times every day.  After conducting a little research to try to make sense of this bizarre scene, we learned that the markets date back decades prior to the presence of the railway.  Proceeding the rail construction, locals understandably refused to move shop.  This means that everyday stall owners set up their produce lining the tracks, and supporting their sun protective tarps on two movable poles, allowing the tunnel of verandas to be folded out on cue, to avoid being swept out by the barreling train.

We had never seen nor heard of anything quite like this.  And Clint’s mind was especially ticking in overload “ahh, doesn’t common sense indicate to simply move the market”….  So with our intrigued little minds geared up, we made the entire day round trip to witness this for ourselves.  We caught a taxi to the train station in Bangkok; caught a 1.5 hour train; walked to the port where we crossed the river by ferry; walked to the train station where we sat and waited for 2 hours (very boring while staring at a concrete wall), and caught the final 2 hour train to the Maeklong Railway Station where the mysterious markets were located.  Following our arrival we walked around for a short time taking photos, before turning back for Bangkok.  But, sure enough, we saw what we set out for…



One may ask; why did we spend an entire day on treacherous public transport just to see the very train we were on, follow its usual tracks through a market? – Because these markets are simply awesome!

How about yourself ? Would you set off from Bangkok on the long day round trip to witness this bizarre sight? It certainly makes for a unique experience don’t you think?