“Addicted to travel! An Occupational Therapist by trade, and a traveller at heart. Along with many of my other passions – photography, adventure trekking & scuba diving to name a few. My most recent adventures sent me barrelling west around the globe for 16 months. Travelling from Asia, Africa, throughout South America & the in between…”


Hi & Welcome!

I’m Kirsty. Born and raised in Adelaide, Australia. This website started as my way to keep in touch with family and friends, and is now my tool to help bring a lifestyle filled with adventure and exploration to anyone, anywhere. Here, you can experience anything from independently backpacking through Africa; staring into a molten magma chamber that straddles the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea; independent camping and trekking throughout the windiest place on the planet, Patagonia; exploring the ancient beauty of Petra, Bagan and through to Machu Picchu; discovering the planets alien underwater world while cave diving in Mexico;… and so much more.

So sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy!

Snap shot – Why does she know what she’s talking about?

Longest ‘unbroken’ travel stint: 16 months backpacking ‘West Around The Globe’.
Continents visited: 6 out of 7 (should have splurged on an Antarctica trip whilst in Patagonia).
Countries visited: 40 something. I prefer slow and thorough travel.
Average time per country: No idea – though I typically aim to spend a minimum of one month in each country, a couple of months for the super awesome ones.
Most travelled region: Collectively, over one year in South East & Central Asia, and eight months through Latin America (I’ll be back there soon!).
How many parasitic episodes of Giardia: Like all well seasoned travellers, I lost count (not something to be proud of).
Longest trek: Three weeks in the Himalayas, Nepal, no guides or porters.
Longest camping trek: Seven days Patagonia, with 18kg in my bag – no guides or porters, but huge amounts of wind and rain.
Toughest trek: Magma chamber of Erta Ale, Ethiopia. Purely because of the extreme heat and trekking through the night without sleep. Not to mention hours upon hours of staring at the same circular patch of head torch light, while watching where my feet were as they scampered over the shotty volcanic rocks… quite the mind numbing experience.
Longest sail trip: Six days, Panama to Colombia. I’m clearly not a sailor!
Toughest boat trip: This deserved its own blog post ‘1 Cargo Boat, 300+ Locals, 27 Hours = Never Again!’… and the trip was in Myanmar.
Longest time without a shower: During the three week trek there was only one bucket wash… but I did have wet wipes so I like to think I was clean… yeah?
Bed bug bites: This could never be accounted for – though to give an indication, four months in Africa I was bitten every SINGLE night.
Worst case of bed bugs: The occasion in Cambodia that Clint got bored of counting my bites at 140. We had slept in the same bed the night before and he didn’t have a single bite on him grrrrr. Story of my travel life.
Most irritating bug: I can’t choose between bed bugs, mozzies and sand flies… actually – Bed Bugs win! Though, often sand fly bites are the most irritating. And mozzies are everywhere. (By the way, Mozzies is Australian for Mosquitos).
Gross bugs eaten: Deep fried mixed bugs, by choice – and many others not by choice… maggots come to mind here ‘insert shutters’.

So now we have that out the way, keep reading to learn more about how it all got started.

To put it simply, I love photography and I love to travel. Fortunately, these two passions fit well with each other. Over the past eight or so years I’ve dedicated the vast majority of my time to pursuing international adventures. I first stepped foot on international soil at the age of 21. It all began in Europe, where I discovered that the infamous ‘travel bug’ had hit me with a much harder than the average dose.

Following my introduction to backpacking, I found myself back in little ol’ Adelaide, taking the same mind numbing bus trip back into University… Within a week I had quit my job, my degree, and locked in a ticket to South East Asia that I couldn’t afford. Backpacking around Asia shaped me in a way I could never have imagined possible. I learned more about my self in four short months that I had in a lifetime. It’s safe to say, by this point… I was addicted!

Over the years my ‘travel style’ has continued to changed dramatically. I went from a culturally sheltered Aussie girl looking for a ‘unique and worldly’ experience – whatever that means. To feeling most at home living the nomadic life, dedicated to exploring every nook and corner of this beautiful globe.

Currently, I look back on my past decade and wonder how I’ve actually managed to fit it all in. Numerous globe trotting exhibitions, a completed degree in Occupational Therapy, a 16 month adventure heading West Around The Globe, aprender a hablar español en América Latina, marrying my gorgeous hubby 5000+ metres high up in the Himalayas, during an epic three week independent trek (I couldn’t resist pumping that awesome point in there)… Though, it’s only really just the last few years that I have thrown my self into the more ‘adventurous’ travel scene.  This is where I am starting to see my real niche develop. And there is so much more on the horizon to come…


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